The research at the Spine Center of New Jersey aims at the treatment of spine disorders and spinal cord injury through a close teamwork between neurosurgeons, scientists, engineers and other medical and research professionals.

Clinical research includes participation in multi-center clinical trials pertinent to spinal cord injury, development of new surgical approaches and technologies to treat spine deformities and spinal diseases.

The Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory is a modern, state of the art facility dedicated to a combination of basic science and pre-clinical research focusing on the restoration of function in spinal cord injury and central nervous system diseases that cause paralysis. The goals of the team are to define the complex mechanisms that promote the repair and protection of the spinal cord after trauma, to develop surgical approaches that alleviate the outcomes of the injury, and to discover effective therapies for the treatment of co-morbidities associated with spinal cord injury including paralysis, neuropathic pain and bladder dysfunction.

The Spine Biomechanics Laboratory conducts experiments on the biomechanical evaluation of various spine implants using cadaveric models. Through interdisciplinary collaboration between neurosurgeons, engineers and industry partners, the laboratory supports and advances the design and in-depth analysis of new and current devices to treat spine deformities and disorders.