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Power of Philanthropy

Please join us in fighting the devastating effects of spinal cord injury with your tax deductible gift. The Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory’s work is only made possible because of the generosity of donors – donors like you.

The Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory was founded in 2006 by Robert F. Heary and with the generous financial support of donor Tim Reynolds, who – after becoming spinal cord injured himself – was struck by the need for a focus on “translatable research,” research that can move from bench to bedside more rapidly. Translational strategies can only become possible when clinician and basic scientist work together.

At the Reynolds Family Spine lab, clinician and basic scientist work shoulder to shoulder on research that will be relevant to patients sooner. And unlike some other research facilities, our research intentionally focuses on the needs of the “chronic” SCI individual (at least six months after an injury). By making the commitment to focus on the chronic patient, our research is made more challenging but we know it is more likely to truly translate into relevant patient care.

Please consider making a gift to the Reynolds Family Spine Lab so that we can continue this important research by following the link “Donate” on this page.

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